SALPO Premier League 2017

Each year, SALPO Technologies conducts an event of sports with the aim of promoting the physical well-being of our employees. This year SALPO Event Crew planned on a Cricket Tournament. Their tremendous efforts were fruitful as “SALPO Premier League” was held on 27th of October 2017 at Stanley Janz Grounds, Mati park.

Our employees were divided into four teams, namely; ‘Diske Diskade’, ‘Death Punch’, ‘What a Shot’ and ‘Demon Knights’.

After weeks of practicing, for everybody’s anticipation the tournament began with a pick of draw by the Team Captains. The day was eventful as the teams competed head to head to win one title. Each player banded together with their respective teams pervaded with team spirit and enthusiasm.

Initially, each team had to play two matches and depending on the points and run rates, two teams were selected for finals whereas the other two teams played to win the third place.

Team Demon Knights enjoyed success as they won the “SPL Champions Trophy” after a tough battle with Team Diske Diskade whilst Team Death Punch managed to occupy the third place.

Moreover, Dhanushka Arachchige of Team Demon Knights, grabbed the title as ‘Best Batsman of the series’ for his magnificent batting while Thashira Batawalaarachchi of Team What a Shot won the ‘Best Bowler of the series’ title. The ‘Wonder Woman Trophy (Best Diva)’ was awarded to Thilani Niroshini of Team Diske Diskade for her incredible performance in bowling, batting and fielding.

Despite the victories and losses, the day was truly memorable for all of us at SALPO.

Salpo Achiever of The First Quarter 2017

We understand our people play a key role in achieving company goals. Therefore, we introduced the employee appreciation programme “Salpo Achiever” to honor outstanding employees. The  main intention for selecting an Achiever is to pick an outstanding employee for his or her best performance and to boost confidence within him or her  and other employees and to appreciate and reward their performance.

For the year 2017, quarter 1 Kaushalya Jayarathna was selected as our very first achiever to appreciate her commitment, craving for excellence and exceptional records of attendance.

Best Employer Brand Awards 2017

The ‘Sri Lanka Best Employer Brand Awards 2017’ was held on the 13 July 2017 at Taj Samudra Colombo, hosted by the World HRD Congress which aimed at recognizing outstanding organizations in Sri Lanka, who use Employer Branding in order to gain competitive advantage.

It was truly a proud moment as Salpo Technologies was awarded and took on the title of Sri Lanka’s Best Employer Brand for the second consecutive year at the prestigious Best Employer Brand Awards. In addition, Salpo Technologies Sri Lanka, Director & Head of Engineering, Dhanushka Arachchige was awarded under the title categories; ‘Leaders of Tomorrow’ and ‘Emerging Leader of the Year’.

Salpo wishes to thank and commend the individual contribution of each employee for their dedication, hard work and commitment without which an achievement of such nature would not have been possible. We continue to wish Salpo the very best in all her future endeavours!

“Salpo | Paduru Party”

In commemoration of the traditional Sinhala/Tamil ‘new year celebrations & the opening of the new Sri Lankan office at Bartleet House Colombo 02, Salpo Technologies organized a Paduru Party on the 27 April 2017.

It was a time of fun and relaxation, as the Salpo team were able to unwind after a long day’s work and enjoy an event-filled night of entertainment and laughter. It was a pleasure to see every member of the team participate and engage in each activity that was organized.

A band lead by Pathum Goonewardena with our very own employees (EchoSteel)  provided musical entertainment, which contributed immensely to the electric feel of the night! With plenty of food and drink, and good music, many of the team came forward to entertain the audience through special individual performances, which helped showcase their musical talent and skill.

This provided the opportunity for each member to bond and get to know the other better and build team spirit whilst maintaining good working relationships. Just like every good event must come to an end, the night was successfully concluded unfortunately, despite many requests for more…

Salpo Team Outing to Hibiscus

At Salpo we set goals to continuously improve and push both ourselves and each other. When we hit a goal, we celebrate BIG!

So, this past December, after a year of fast-paced, high-intensity work and months of trip planning and preparation, we were more than ready to celebrate the achievements. We planned a day outing at Hibiscus hotel located in Wadduwa.

The journey was filled with music fun and amusement and it was a day packed with exciting group games and activities that helped to strengthen our team spirit!

Salpo Funday 2017

Salpo Technologies Engineering Centre located in Sri Lanka, had their first ever company day out on the 08 July 2017 at Club Hotel Dolphin, in Waikkal. It was truly a memorable and event filled occasion, packed with lots of excitement and enthusiasm.

The day was off to a great start when the Salpo crew set course to reach their destination, accompanied with light spirits and a wonderful session of lively music and laughter. On arrival the crew was warmly welcomed by the hospitable staff of Club Hotel Dolphin, and thereafter without much delay the team set out to have the time of their lives enjoying the luxurious sun, surf and sand…

With many fun activities planned out, the day was spent with much energy and eagerness and an anticipation for more that was to come. It was truly a much needed time-off for the team, after a hard work week to be able to rest and relax, whilst enjoying the company of their fellow members. Many sports activities such as beach volleyball, table tennis, tap rugger, swimming, water polo etc… helped rejuvenate the spirits of the crew and helped create a sense of unity and oneness amongst the group.

The day unfortunately had to end, and the team once again set course for Colombo in high spirits after a successful end of one of the most memorable times spent!

Salpo Achiever of The Second Quarter 2017

Salpo extremely trusts in employee contributions and rewarding people for their efforts and commitment. Our employee recognition programme “Salpo Achiever” recognizes outstanding individuals and rewards them for their performance and contributions. As a company only hires the best and the brightest it was quite a task to select one individual as the “Achiever” from our talented team. Hence for the second quarter of the year 2017 we selected two outstanding individuals for the Salpo “Achiever” title.  

Our “Achievers” of the second quarter are Shan Hemachandra and Supun Amarasinghe. Both Shan and Supun are very passionate about what they do, talented and willing to go the extra mile to achieve the best.