Development Outsourcing

Salpo can provide you with highly skilled development resources across the latest operating languages & technologies. Our outsourcing services are delivered and supported by our project and technical teams, who will oversee your resource requirements whether you choose our team to project manage or use your own Project Manager.

If you are currently looking to expand your development team or are building a mobile application, web portal or e-commerce solution, Salpo have the resources required to support your business.

Outsourcing Services

  • Extended teams of dedicated Software Engineers, Quality Assurance specialists, Scrum Masters and Development Operations experts as additional resources to your existing IT team. Salpo can also provide skills that are needed on more of an ad hoc basis such as User Interface and User Experience, Technical Architects, Research & Development or Project Management.
  • Salpo takes away the headache of managing your development team by providing managed teams of Project Management. Once the project plan has been designed, split into tickets and signed off the Salpo managed team will deliver the work.
  • Salpo can provide the skilled resource to facilitate Customer and Technical Support on behalf of a customer through the Salpo managed services offering. Salpo can also provide maintenance on Software Solutions, Development Operations as a Service and Quality Assurance support to complement internal QA teams.
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