SALPO Year End Bash 2017

It was an evening filled with fun and excitement as we at SALPO gathered to say goodbye to 2017 in style at ‘SALPO Year End Bash’ which was held on 21st December 2017 at Bartleet House Rooftop.

The echoes of music playing in the background infused the party area, while our team entered the party dressed up in glamour and joy. The event began as everyone unwrapped their Secret Santa gifts with much anticipation and delight. This followed the most awaited performance by SALPO Interns which drew the attention of everyone gathered. Our Interns delivered a spectacular and comical act which fetched laughter to everyone’s faces.

The evening was further exciting and amusing as our team grouped up to play fun games and to dance while the DJ played an awesome blend of songs and music. In the meantime, BBQ was served in the open area and this was for the satisfaction of everybody present.

The most exciting session was the crowning of SALPO King and Queen. Avon Robinson grabbed the title as ‘SALPO King’ whilst Dilushika Weerawardhana was crowned as ‘SALPO Queen’.

Shan Hemachandra’s wonderful compering kept the event live and flowing throughout the evening. Regrettably, the party had to end, yet everybody was high spirited with the bliss of an entertaining evening as they departed, and the day was truly striking.


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