SALPO Premier League 2017

Each year, SALPO Technologies conducts an event of sports with the aim of promoting the physical well-being of our employees. This year SALPO Event Crew planned on a Cricket Tournament. Their tremendous efforts were fruitful as “SALPO Premier League” was held on 27th of October 2017 at Stanley Janz Grounds, Mati park.

Our employees were divided into four teams, namely; ‘Diske Diskade’, ‘Death Punch’, ‘What a Shot’ and ‘Demon Knights’.

After weeks of practicing, for everybody’s anticipation the tournament began with a pick of draw by the Team Captains. The day was eventful as the teams competed head to head to win one title. Each player banded together with their respective teams pervaded with team spirit and enthusiasm.

Initially, each team had to play two matches and depending on the points and run rates, two teams were selected for finals whereas the other two teams played to win the third place.

Team Demon Knights enjoyed success as they won the “SPL Champions Trophy” after a tough battle with Team Diske Diskade whilst Team Death Punch managed to occupy the third place.

Moreover, Dhanushka Arachchige of Team Demon Knights, grabbed the title as ‘Best Batsman of the series’ for his magnificent batting while Thashira Batawalaarachchi of Team What a Shot won the ‘Best Bowler of the series’ title. The ‘Wonder Woman Trophy (Best Diva)’ was awarded to Thilani Niroshini of Team Diske Diskade for her incredible performance in bowling, batting and fielding.

Despite the victories and losses, the day was truly memorable for all of us at SALPO.

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