“Salpo | Paduru Party”

In commemoration of the traditional Sinhala/Tamil ‘new year celebrations & the opening of the new Sri Lankan office at Bartleet House Colombo 02, Salpo Technologies organized a Paduru Party on the 27 April 2017.

It was a time of fun and relaxation, as the Salpo team were able to unwind after a long day’s work and enjoy an event-filled night of entertainment and laughter. It was a pleasure to see every member of the team participate and engage in each activity that was organized.

A band lead by Pathum Goonewardena with our very own employees (EchoSteel)  provided musical entertainment, which contributed immensely to the electric feel of the night! With plenty of food and drink, and good music, many of the team came forward to entertain the audience through special individual performances, which helped showcase their musical talent and skill.

This provided the opportunity for each member to bond and get to know the other better and build team spirit whilst maintaining good working relationships. Just like every good event must come to an end, the night was successfully concluded unfortunately, despite many requests for more…

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