Salpo Masterminds – The Battle of the Geniuses

Salpo Technologies conducts an employee engagement initiative on a quarterly basis, one that focuses on bringing out hidden talent and skill in their employees. “Salpo – Master Minds – The Battle of the Geniuses” was one such initiative organized and conducted on the 29 June 2017.

Following which, employees were divided into eight teams and had to contest parallely against the opposing teams with the hope of attaining ‘One Title’. This created and led to quite a lot of buzz, excitement and healthy competition at the workplace. Each team was committed and ready to fight against all odds to obtain the title as ‘Salpo – Master Minds’!

The competition consisted of four rounds, Round 01 – Quiz Marathon, Round 02 – Fastest Finger First, Round 03 – The Hot Seat and finally Round 04 – The Game Changer, covering a wide range of topics ranging from Sports, General knowledge, Entertainment, History & Literature, Business, Science and IQ! Employees had to put their heads together and work as a team despite their differing ideas and opinions, which strengthened team spirit and unity among fellow colleagues.

Overall, with a 100% participation, it was most definitely an enjoyable and successful event with the winning team ‘Ultron’ taking home the trophy and title of ‘Salpo Masterminds’!  

Salpo looks forward to hosting many such engagement initiatives in future, with the intention of giving employees an opportunity to show-case their capabilities and thereby as a company appreciating and recognizing such talent at the workplace.

Winning Team – Ulitron’s

First Runners Up Team – Lex Luthor

Second Runners Up Team – Loki

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