Salpo Funday 2017

Salpo Technologies Engineering Centre located in Sri Lanka, had their first ever company day out on the 08 July 2017 at Club Hotel Dolphin, in Waikkal. It was truly a memorable and event filled occasion, packed with lots of excitement and enthusiasm.

The day was off to a great start when the Salpo crew set course to reach their destination, accompanied with light spirits and a wonderful session of lively music and laughter. On arrival the crew was warmly welcomed by the hospitable staff of Club Hotel Dolphin, and thereafter without much delay the team set out to have the time of their lives enjoying the luxurious sun, surf and sand…

With many fun activities planned out, the day was spent with much energy and eagerness and an anticipation for more that was to come. It was truly a much needed time-off for the team, after a hard work week to be able to rest and relax, whilst enjoying the company of their fellow members. Many sports activities such as beach volleyball, table tennis, tap rugger, swimming, water polo etc… helped rejuvenate the spirits of the crew and helped create a sense of unity and oneness amongst the group.

The day unfortunately had to end, and the team once again set course for Colombo in high spirits after a successful end of one of the most memorable times spent!

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