We Are Salpo
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Specializing in the development of state of the art software solutions, we at Salpo are designed to understand our client needs and help them realize their true potential via our cutting edge frameworks, platforms, and solutions.

Along with helping businesses manage customer data and customer interaction, access business information, automate sales, marketing and customer support we also administer the management of employee, vendor and partner relationships.

We Are Salpo
What Makes Us Different

The Salpo Team believe that the best and most effective software solutions are achieved by integrating different world class software applications together to create joined up solutions, that are in alignment as per the desired business requirements.

  • Cutting edge technology stack second to none
  • Cloud-based enterprise software which allows freedom for Inspiration and Innovation
  • Fast-growing global client base
  • Vibrant corporate culture
What We Do
Our Best Services
Customer Relationship Management
The Salpo CRM sits at the heart of your organisation, it is a central place for all business activity.
Mobile Worker
The mobile working solution allows you to create custom mobile forms to suit your bespoke requirements while maintaining your CRM in real time.
Bespoke Solutions
Our development team have successfully delivered countless projects using our own Salpo development framework.
Development Outsourcing
Salpo can provide you with highly skilled development resources across the latest operating languages & technologies.
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